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It is my mission...
 To inspire and empower the actualization of your greatest good by utilizing spiritual insight, intuitive perception, energy medicine, guided meditation, shamanic practice and modern mysticism.  


2018 Lenten Practice
I believe in the positive potential of 40 Day dedications!
It is not my belief that God, Jesus or a Higher Being is mandating this practice. It is my belief that a daily discipline can be a deeply healing blessing to one's self, soul and spirit.  It is done by you and for you. However, it can become an offering to others and to the world. 
It is supported by the Grace of the Infinite and those Spiritual Beings who walk with us on this journey.
This year, inspired by the extraordinary power of communal prayer, I am doing a daily Joining Intention & Blessing practice.  Meditation and prayer can create an all time/ no time connection with everyone everywhere.  This is a grace space where intentions can become blessings to the individual and to each and all.  

It takes only a few moments to attune to the unified space of meditation and prayer.  Come into a sacred and centered space. Consider the daily intention and then pause as you offer your heart, your soul, your energy in communion with all Beings everywhere, throughout all time, who are in a space of grace with meditation, prayer and intention. 
Please understand that this is not a time of petitionary prayer.  Our role is essential.  We are tapping into a grace space and holding the highest possible intention.  We imagine a world where is great good is happening now. We believe in the blessing. We can feel it, see it, know it, and celebrate it. -And then we let it go. Trust that all is in Divine Order.

May gratitude for this blessing and for the unity of this community fill your Being.  
May All Be Well.

I am honored to share that my services are now available at...

Sanctuary Yoga
(Proprietor: Veronique Jewell) 
 1919 Strearns Avenue
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008 

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available by appointment only.


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