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Maori Birthday Exercise
 A Spiritual Self-Exploration


From of place of centered playfulness, gather your creative tools and paper.  

Make a drawing to include...


1. Snake or Serpent

2. Butterfly

3. Flower

4. Tree

5. Shelter

6. Bird

7. Path

8. Mountain


Include each of the items at least once.  Give yourself some time to complete your drawing.  





 The Analysis 



The Meaning of the Symbols 

1. Snake= Power

2. Butterfly = Transformation utilizing inspired creativity.

3. Flower = Opening to the world.

4. Tree = Ability to change, the passing of seasons, the season of your life and transition.

5. Shelter = Personal Identity and protection.

6. Bird = A spiritual messaage recognized by your consciousness. 

7. Path = Direction, discipline and how you achieve your goals.

8. Mountain = Spiritual Aspiration


The Quadrant Analysis

Fold your drawing into a square. Unfold your drawing and the fold-lines will detail the quadrants.


Verticlal Picture = Inner Focus

Horizontal Picture = Outer Focus

Upper Quadrant = Heaven, Higher Consciousness

Lower Quadrant = Earth and Subconscious

Center = Heart; where heaven and earth meet

Right Quadrant = Outer Expression and what you are giving.

Left Quadrant = Inner Experience and what your are receiving.


The Meaning of the Symbols in the Quadrants


Same 1 in all 4 Quadrants = Every level of your Being is affected.

2 or 3 in 1 Quadrant =  Integrative and Connective.

Lots in 1 Quadrant = Primary area of attention and focus. 

Extra Focus  = Wants and / or needs attention in your life.

Nearly forgotten symbol = Almost  outgrown ~ integrate or release. 



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