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Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude,
Looking forward, I am filled with vision,
Looking upward, I am filled with strength,
Looking within, I discover peace.
~ Quero Apache Prayer 

Sacred  Wisdom Circle

This is an invitation to join with those who are choosing to live more conscious, meaningful and spiritual lives.
The purpose...
We will gather for the purpose of blessing ourselves, our individual intentions, our communal intentions and our world.
The Scheduled Flow...
I. Guided Prayer and Meditation
II.   Check In ~ Assess and Profess
III. Making Space for Grace ~ Release and Forgive
IV. Intentions ~ Clarify and Summarize
V. Blessings ~ Affirmative Visualization of Intentions 
VI. "I Am" Statements of Blessings Recieved
VII. Gratitudes and Closing Prayer
The Benefits...

  • A space where your most authentic self is welcomed.
  • A spiritually conscious and supportive community.
  • An opportunity to practice spiritual disciplines to include guided meditation, affirmative prayer, sacred ceremony, and energy medicine that support your sacred self.
  • Be the change that you want to see in the world.

The Dedication...
  • A committment to creating space in your life for spiritual work and community. 

March 17th from 2pm to 4pm
Sanctuary Yoga in Kalamazoo 

Rev. Robin Whitaker
Telephone or Text ~ (269)377-1304